WEF Global Competitiveness

How to identify obstacles to growth and thus helps nations develop strategies to achieve sustained economic progress?
To help answer this complex question, we used the data compiled for the Global Competitiveness Report, released by the World Economic Forum and created a dataset than can directly be loaded into InfoScope. It contains information for 125 economies about different aspects of competitiveness and, more generally, themes considered central to boosting the prosperity of nations.
MISWEF Global Competitiveness 2006-2007 – MIS-File, 658.3 KB
(Please download InfoScope to analyze this dataset, it is free)

Previous edition

MISWEF Global Competitiveness 2002-2003 – MIS-File, 43.9 KB
February 2, 2007

The dataset has been updated and now contains two similarity maps.

Online Java applet version
If a recent version of Java is properly installed on your system, you can visualize this dataset online using the applet version of InfoScope. Otherwise please download InfoScope and use it to open the dataset at the bottom of this page.