Multi-dimensional data is usually published as a series of tables and ranked lists, or made accessible through a standard database interface, where queries can be issued by filling in fields in forms. The fact that data is accessible though does not automatically mean that it is also useable.
InfoScope is an alternative way of publishing such data. It is a highly interactive visualization tool with the following key characteristics:
  • Provide overview of the global relationships between objects: Multiple views show the different aspects of the data at the same time.
  • Encourage and support exploration, discovery of unexpected structures and formulation of new hypotheses: All the views are highly interactive. They are tightly linked so that interactions in one view are always reflected in all the others.
  • Embed fine grain tasks in a global frame of reference: Specific numeric values of attributes can be obtained by probing the objects in the views, dynamic queries on a combination of attributes can be executed by using range sliders. All actions are supported by visual feedback, embedded in a common frame of reference.
  • Take advantage of the human perceptual abilities: The visual representations make it easy to spot outliers, patterns or anomalies. High interactivity and immediate feedback support our fluid and informal way of problem solving. The tool fits the way we naturally think and work.
August 19, 2015
InfoScope v. 3.6.1 released! You can download it here. It contains improved compatibility with Java 7 and bug fixes, and comes with the 2012 edition of the Prices and Earnings dataset.