About Us

“Macrofocus is a leading software manufacturer of advanced Data Visualization components and applications.”

Macrofocus GmbH was founded in 2000 by Dominique Brodbeck and Luc Girardin. Before that, the two founders have worked at various industrial research labs on developing new approaches to reduce complexity and tame the increasing avalanches of data and information.

Macrofocus has now set it as its goal, to use the deep experience of the team members with the analysis, interpretation and communication of complex and large amounts of information, in order to turn their research into practical tools and make them available to people such as knowledge workers and decision makers.

In summary

We create a new generation of visual and interactive tools that fit the way we think and work.

Our approach makes our tools intuitive to use and understand, and always embeds the details in the big picture, in order to preserve context and avoid getting lost.